Chelsea confirm first January signing, reveal January Transfer Plan

Chelsea confirm first January signing, reveal January Transfer Plan

 Chelsea transfer news as Mauricio Pochettino seeks a January improvement for his squad after a disappointing 2023, with the club spending vast amounts over the last two years

Chelsea signed 21 players in 2023. It cost them over £700million to do so with possible add-ons that could take that number even higher. The result has been utterly woeful. The Blues lost 19 competitive games in the calendar year, didn't make it above mid-table and rarely threatened to do so either.

There were just six away wins - 14 were lost and only five drawn - whilst home results were hardly much better: nine losses and 14 wins with nine draws. It is following from this that Mauricio Pochettino has his first attempt to turn things around mid-season.

Perceived wisdom states that Chelsea - who are 10th at the halfway stage and entering the New Year and January transfer window - need to dip into the market again to improve. However, it might not be that simple.

On their day this Chelsea side is already competing with the best. Of the current top five only Aston Villa have beaten Chelsea. The bottom three have been defeated four times out of four as well. Chelsea's issue has been everything in between. Of their eight losses, four are currently in the bottom half and favour deep defensive lines.

However, as the team gels and players start to come back - adding not only immediate improvement in quality and depth but also vital competition on a squad still trying to blossom - there is reason to think that they might not be too far away. It is up front that many point to as a reason for Chelsea's current nadir, but even there an improvement has been made.

Chelsea have endured so much change in the past 18 months that turning to more change to solve the issues just isn't smart. Pochettino needs time, it is the only healer and there should be no surprise that the return of even one fit full-back and some extra attacking options has brought about four home wins in a row and just one loss in five.

Pochettino's men aren't the finished product, they're a long way from that; but the shoots of positivity show that there's enough to build from and that is ultimately what Chelsea must do. The only signings they need are unlikely to be available in January anyway.

The major point of issue is Nicolas Jackson being away at the African Cup of Nations. Turning to yet more investment for what may be just six weeks really isn't wise for the sake of it. In that time Chelsea play Preston, Middlesbrough twice, Fulham and Liverpool - who will be without Mohamed Salah.

It shouldn't take big new additions to get a string of results from those fixtures. Chelsea's best bet remains improving what they have rather than turning to a non-existent mythical idea that the next incoming is the right one.

Simply, too many bad decisions are made in January. Impulse takes over and emotion leads over logic. For a club that has been so inefficient in the market in recent times this cannot happen again because it could cause more damage. Pochettino is a coach with a track record of improving players, give him time and the tools to do that - not the fire he is often left to put out - and things might start to turn around quicker than you think, and for much less cost.

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